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Tourism Solutions

Tourism Solutions is a unique group of strategic processes that will enhance whatever your tourism marketing organization or tourism business is currently doing to reach a broader qualified consumer audience.  It will also help to develop much more productive tourism industry relationships. 

Tourism Solutions is founded on principles of efficiency and measurable effectiveness made possible by economies of scale and scope: we will cover every community in North America, initially focusing on Canada and the USA.   Our first priority is to encourage FREE participation by qualified non-profit Tourism Marketing Organizations (TMO's) as Local Tourism Experts in our network of Tourism Partners.  
Eligible TMO's include:

 (a)  Non-profit Destination Marketing associations;
     (b)  Non-profit Tourism Product Sector Marketing associations;  
  (c)  Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade; and
(e)  Government Tourism Agencies
Any tourism business may participate as a featured operator for the incredibly low fee of just $35 per year.  Just a few pennies a day to be a prominent part of a growing network of hundreds of trusted Tourism Solutions websites, with exclusive opportunities to participate in a wide variety of unique marketing initiatives that are only available to our Partners In Tourism!

Powered by the Tourism Telescope database we will consistently and professionally promote your tourism destination, product or service on our many custom sites.  This dynamic database system allows visitors to easily and precisely target the information they need from trusted primary tourism sources.

 Almost no effort is required on your part, yet the potential results in terms of driving qualified consumers from a vast new market directly to you are tremendous. This is co-op marketing on a whole new scale!  We'll provide an exceptional environment to connect local tourism businesses and marketing organizations directly with a diversely qualified audience in North America - and around the world.

The purpose of these sites is to welcome, dazzle and then direct users to qualified and trustworthy primary source local tourism information and tourism business operators. There are no dead-ends, no confusion, and no clutter or distractions – just a clean and direct "WOW!" factor. 

 Users will quickly come to trust the Tourism Solutions environment as being genuine, friendly, safe, reliable, intuitive and consistently beautiful: just what they need. Each site will have its own distinctive style and standalone, independent flavor - while retaining a comfortably familiar user interface and menu structure.  Sites will be designed with the latest responsive user interface architecture, allowing visitors on any platform to get the best viewing experience possible on their device.

There can be a number of marketing organizations represented for a given destination, each with its own resources, mandate and target audience.  Site visitors can select the most appropriate of these Tourism Wizards for their needs, and reliably be on that organization's site an instant later.  The users can then switch back and explore the others without losing focus. 

Across all of our systems, we're all about what's best for our partners and site visitors.  We are not a booking engine and do not earn commissions or pay-per-click (PPC) fees.  This preserves our integrity and impartiality, while keeping your costs down.  In addition, regardless of size, every participant has an equal opportunity to connect directly with their market.  We do not run externally syndicated ads, limiting display ads to members-only and just one active frame per home page...everywhere else is ad-free to eliminate distractions and keep visitors focused on their quest.  Ad prices will be among the lowest in the industry!

There are hundreds of domains in the Tourism Solutions brand family already.  Here is a very small random sample:

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Explore North America, Food Wine Tourism, Golfing North America, In North America, Lodging North America, North American Tourism, Resorts North America, See Mexico Now, Tourism1, Tourism Monthly, Tourism West.


  If you represent a Tourism Marketing Organization and wish to join the Tourism Partners Network for FREE, or you are an interested Tourism Business needing more information, please contact us at: 

North American Tourism Solutions Ltd.